The Beginner class (45 minutes, 1x per week) is for dancers ages 5-14.  The youngest students accepted for Beginners are age 5 and starting Kindergarten — ability to focus, attention span and knowing right foot from left foot is important. Beginner dancers start by learning the basics of Irish dancing — posture, foot placement, timing, “threes” and “sevens”. Each 3-month session builds upon the previous session. 

Beginner Class Offerings & Fee Info

Beginner (Ages 5 - 7): Monday @ 4:00pm

Beginner (Ages 8 - 14): Tuesday @ 6:30pm

Beginner (All Ages): Saturday @ 9:30am

  • Registration Fee: $25
  • Fall Session Tuition Fee: $150 
  • Class Attire: Shorts, t-shirts, hair pulled back. For girls, Irish dance soft shoes & poodle socks (available at studio). For boys, black leather jazz shoes with socks.