2023 Queen City Feis Syllabus

The 2023 Queen City Feis Syllabus is now available.

Registration for the 2023 Queen City Feis to be held May 13, 2023, is open on QuickFeis

The Queen City Syllabus includes all the details for the day: competition offerings, venue information, and rules.  

2023 Queen City Feis Grade Exam Application

Grade Exams 1 - 10 will be held on Friday, May 12 in conjunction with the Queen City Feis (May 13).

To register, please print this form. Completed forms with fees should be sent to Erickson Academy before May 1, 2023.

The Grade Exam Cap is 60 grade exams. If this cap is met prior to May 1, we will close registration. 

Winter Practice Snowballs

Need a Practice Snowball sheet? Here it is -- color in practice snowball for every 15 minutes of practice and bring it in for a fun winter treat!