Queen City Feis

May 11, 2019 - Queen City Feis

Please join us for the 16th Annual Queen City Feis in Cincinnati, Ohio on Saturday, May 11th!  

Registration opens March 1st at QuickFeis.


The 2019 Queen City Feis will be hosting CLRG Grade Exams 1 - 10 on Friday, May 10th.

As of April 22, Grade Exams are CLOSED! Grade Exam schedule will be emailed to all applicants by May 1st.

Grade Examiner: Ronan McCormack, BG, ADCRG

Grades 1- 6 Cap: 48 exams (CLOSED)        Grades 7-10 Cap: 32 exams (CLOSED)

Grades 1 -10 will be offered on Friday-May 10 from 6:00pm – 10:00pm

To register for Grade Exams at the Queen City Feis, complete the 2019 Queen City Feis Grade Exam Application Form and return with fees no later than April 28, 2019.   


What are Second Chance competitions? Second Chance competitions are exactly that -- a second chance, another opportunity to compete! When registering at QuickFeis, simply register for your dancer's normal competitions and then add whichever dances your dancer would like to compete in again later in the feis day. Second Chance competitions will be adjudicated by a different judge and take place after the dancer's initial competitions are completed and results posted.

  • Second Chance competitions will be offered for Novice, Open Prizewinner and Preliminary Championship levels
  • Novice Second Chance Dances: Reel, Slipjig, Treble Jig & Hornpipe
  • Open Prizewinner Second Chance Dances: Reel, Slipjig, Treble Jig & Hornpipe
  • Preliminary Championships Second Chance competition for all age groups
  • Please note - to take advantage of the Second Chance competition opportunities, you must register for them via QuickFeis prior to the close date of the feis. 
  • ALL Second-Chance competitions are completely CLOSED!


Friday Pre-Registration: 7:00pm - 8:30pm @ Duke Energy Convention Center

Saturday Registration: 6:45am - 10:00am @ Duke Energy Convention Center

All grade level competitors will dance 2 at a time with the exception of Traditional Sets.

Championship Stages are 32 x 32. Grade Level Stages are 24 x 20

Feis begins promptly at 8:00am with Figure, Ceili & Parent-Child Competitions

First Feis, Beginner 1 & Adult Competitions follow immediately

Soda Bread Competition to be judged around 11:00am

Treble Reel Competitions will take place throughout the day and NOT at the end of the day

Sashes will be given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places for all Championship competitions

Preliminary/Open Championship competitions will combine males & females

Preliminary/Open Championship competitions run Youngest to Oldest and start with Soft Shoe

Preliminary/Open Championship competitors will receive full results at awards

Absolutely No Outside Food and Beverage!