Thank you for coming to our daughter's school yesterday and allowing her the opportunity to dance with the "big girls." She loved it!!! As a Mom, it was simply delightful to see how far she has come after her (and the teachers!) hard work. :) Seeing her with the senior dancers who carry themselves with such poise and presence made me so proud. I hope in 10 years, she will carry herself like those girls! I cannot tell you how delighted we are to have our daughter at Erickson Academy and are blessed to be part of such a wonderful place.

— Mom of Erickson Academy Dancer

What a great job you're doing!  My daughters have tried many activities that are not self esteem lifting.  Many of them wanted "pros" at young ages when they were just in it for the experience.  You've made learning Irish dancing easy and fun.  My daughters feel good about what they know and look forward to learning more.  All the teachers have the ability to correct mistakes without making the girls feel like they failed.  Thank you!

— Mom of Erickson Academy Dancers

I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all the kindness and patience you have shown our daughter.  You are passing on a wonderful gift to all of the girls, not only of dancing, but how to treat others. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

— Mom of Erickson Academy Dancer

We want to congratulate you on a wonderful annual show!  All the dancers were just great and we really enjoyed it -- our daughter most of all. Not only did she talk about it the whole ride home, but also when we returned home, she had me playing Irish dancing Barbies in which her dolls were the dancers.  We went through several of the dances, as best as we could remember them or manipulate them -- it's hard to bend Barbie into a convincing Hop 2-3 :)!

— Parents of Erickson Academy Dancer

I wanted you all to know how much we enjoyed the Ball.  My husband, friends and I loved the laid back, family atmosphere.  It's so totally different from what I grew up with in ballet...so much friendlier!  That said, the quality of your programs are excellent and professional, and I am thrilled to have a budding Irish dancer.  Since Sunday, she has been dancing around more than usual...I think she was inspired by all the other dancers, young and older.  She was intimidated and anxious when we first arrived, but warmed up after the first ceili dance, before her performance.


— Post-Annual Show Feedback from Erickson Academy Parent

Over a period of years attending Celtic festivals and related events, I was always impressed with your students— technically, sure, but also in how they managed themselves personally. Genuinely nice girls. I know parenting is a part of that, but a great deal of it is the environment at your academy. Makes a huge difference.

— Parent of Erickson Academy Summer Camper