Adult Program

Our Adult classes (ages 18 - 118) are a fantastic way to learn something new, exercise and meet new friends!  An added benefit . . . dancing can reduce your chances of developing dementia.  Yes, it's true!  The National Institute on Aging conducted a 21-year study and published the results in the New England Journal of Medicine.  Read the summary here and then sign-up for our Adult program classes! 

The Adult Intro class (60 minutes, 1x per week) is for all adults who ever wanted to learn the basics of Irish dance.  This class will integrate the soft shoe dances with group/ceili dancing.  This class is designed to be fun and recreational with an avenue toward competition if that aspect of Adult step-dancing is desired.  

Offered at Main Studio on Wednesdays @ 6:30pm

The Adult Advanced class (75 minutes, 1x per week) is for all adults who have already learned and mastered the basics of Irish dance as well as steps in the Reel, Light Jig and SlipJig.  Advanced dancers will work on traditional hard shoe rhythms and steps.  Dancers who already know traditional steps will move on to slower tempo steps.  More complex soft shoe steps will be taught as well and group/ceili dancing will continue.

Offered at Main Studio on Wednesdays @ 6:30pm

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