Schedule & Fees

2018-19 Erickson Academy Wee Ones, Youth Beginner & Adult Program Tuition & Fees

In order to register for the 2017-2018 Erickson Academy dance year, there is a $25.00 Registration Fee for all dancers (not applicable for Wee Ones Session) and Fall Session Tuition (September – October - November) must be paid in full prior to classes.

Wee Ones Tuition is $50.00 per 4-week session

Youth Beginner Tuition is $150.00 per session

Adult Intro $165.00 per session. 

Adult Advanced is $180.00 per session.

Please be aware that in some months, dancers will have 3 classes and in other months, 5 classes. This is for dancers that meet once per week. Tuition does not change with these monthly variations. The Sessions are grouped so that each class receives the same amount of time. In addition, tuition is due whether or not your dancer is able to attend all classes in a a month. Credit is not given for missed classes.

Tuition Schedule

  • Fall Session (due August 25th for current dancers, due at time of Registration for new dancers) runs September, October, November
  • Winter Session (due November 15th) runs December, January, February
  • Spring Session (due February 15th) runs March, April, May

Class times and fees for the Summer Session 1 will be distributed in April.


New to the Cincinnati Area?

If you have moved recently to the Cincinnati area, have already taken Irish dance classes and would like to continue classes, we'd love to discuss our program with you.  Please contact us for class placement.